Fake iPod 4th Generation 2

Posted by Ed Sun, 07 Feb 2010 23:10:00 GMT

In December I bought a fake iPod on Ebay. It was advertised as an ipod 4th Generation in mint condition. Its physical appearance is extremely like that of the genuine article as you can see from these pictures.

The fake comes to life with a plausible-looking Apple animation.

And the main menu looks good.

But from here on it’s a mess as what I assume are video clips and screengrabs give way to the GUI of the actual embedded media player.

Here are some of the screens I got to and was able to photograph. You will see there’s a “Firmware” screen which identifies the device as an “MP4 Player” from “CBD Co Ltd” running firmware version 9.5.54 dated 2009-07-28.