Stoics' Selection

Posted by Ed Fri, 12 Oct 2012 09:28:00 GMT

A new compilation of songs suitable for stoics is available to listen online at Mixcloud:

Download the flac here if you want.

  1. Susan Cadogan: Hurt So Good (Feat. Milton Henry)
  2. Debashish Bhattacharya + Bob Brozman: Bahu Dur Dur
  3. Fisner Augustin: Simbi Dlo
  4. Can: Dizzy Dizzy
  5. L'Arpeggiata: Merula: Hor Ch'e Tempo Di Dormire
  6. Shelagh Mcdonald: Peacock Lady
  7. Pentangle: In Your Mind
  8. Sound Of Rum: Icarus
  9. Ghetto Priest: Come Now
  10. Johnny Clarke: Every Knee Shall Bow
  11. Mad Professor & Jah Shaka: Wig Wam
  12. Frank Hutchison: Back In My Home Town
  13. Malcolm Holcombe: Comes The Blues
  14. Spider John Koerner: Acres Of Clams
  15. Lead Belly: We're In The Same Boat, Brother
  16. Hector Zazou: Visur Vatnsenda-Rosa (Feat. Bjork)
  17. Osvaldo GolijovLua Descolorida (Sop. Dawn Upshaw)

Tafelmusik for a Bar Mitzvah feast

Posted by Ed Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:17:00 GMT

Get it here

  1. Thomas Phale: Big Daddy
  2. Aaron Neville: Hercules
  3. Althea & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking
  4. Prince Jazzbo: Ital Corner
  5. Cimarron: La Tonada
  6. Djalimady Tounkara: Mande Djeliou
  7. Boubacar Traore: Santa Mariya
  8. Rokia Traore: M'Bifo
  9. Talking Heads: Listening Wind
  10. Art of Noise: Moments I
  11. Chosen Few: People Make the World Go Round
  12. Mose 'Fan-Fan': Sikulu (Congo)
  13. Scientist: Plague of Zombies
  14. Smith and Mighty: Evolve
  15. Dana Bryant: Religion
  16. Nat King Cole: Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)

audio resources incl. lame compression switches (mainly for PC)

Posted by Ed Mon, 06 Apr 2009 13:48:00 GMT

Here are some notes I made a couple of years ago and which were useful when I had to re-install a windows machine which I use for music.

Exact Audio Copy (EAC) (
CD Ripper. In “secure” mode it gives a verified exact copy of the data. Use in “burst” mode if the CD is scratched and secure mode takes too long. Under OPTIONS | FILENAME I recommend using
%A\%C\%N - %A - %T

as the default naming scheme and

%C\%N - %A - %T

as the “various artists” naming scheme. Under OPTIONS | TOOLS check the option to start an external compression queue running in the background, with just one thread.

LAME 3.97b3 (http://www.mp3dev.or)

The best MP3 encoder. Just upack the dos utility into a folder and then point EAC at the exe file under COMPRESSION OPTIONS | EXTERNAL COMPRESSION in EAC. Switches to use in ADDITIONAL COMMAND LINE OPTIONS in EAC:

1. for music:
-V 2 --vbr-new

(replaces --alt-preset standard) .

This will give Variable Bitrate recordings with a good balance between quality and portability at target rate 190kbit/s in the range 170 to 210kbit/s. The quality should be indistinguishable from the original CD

2. for audiobooks:

-V 9 --vbr-new
at target rate 65kbit/s in the range 45 to 85kbit/s

If you want to get more technical then check out the Hydrogen Audio forum, home of mp3 propellor-heads. Their Wiki page at is an excellent overview of LAME and has useful links for further info on integrating with EAC etc.

Ephpod (

This simple app allows you to edit files on the ipod and move files on and off the ipod.

Media Center 12 (

Much better than Itunes. Highly customisable. Allows control over synchronisation so that files are only deleted from the ipod if you want. The use of “Smart Playlists” is particularly useful in synching. Easy to edit tags on multiple selections. Can create custom library fields to your own requirements. See the HELP for a good strategy for managing more than one Ipod. In order to get the Ipod to be properly recognised you may need to:

  1. unistall itunes
  2. use Ephod to backup your tunes if they’re not already on the machine you’re using
  3. delete the file Ipod_Control\something-or-other\itunes.db
  4. now Media Center should invite you to re-initialise the ipod. If it doesn’t try:
    1. rebooting
    2. reinitialise the ipod using Apple’s update util

You’ll know it’s working when the Media Center tree view no longer shows “Contacts” and “Calendar” and just shows Artist, Album, Genre


use the Auxillary Input for ripping vinyl to lossless WAV format. Then convert to mp3. You can use EAC to do this via TOOLS | COMPRESS WAVs. (

For information about recordings and artists. Pretty much comprehensive information on classical and popular recordings. Search by album, artist, song, work etc. View tracklistings, discographies, biographies and reviews. (

Fantastic resource for getting recommendations, reading biogs and seeing pics. Use a “scrobbler” to send information about what you listen to their servers to allow them to suggest other things you might like.

Surething CD Labeller (

Labelling software which allows you to specify which fields you want displayed. e.g. you may want to display the [artist] field against each [track title] on compilations but not on single-artist CDs. It also can read in the “playlist” data automagically from CDs most of the time. (using “CD Text”?)

SharpMusique (

A lightweight front end to access the Itunes music store. Allows you to preview, purchase and download. Requires Microsoft’s .NET runtime


Utility to remove the Apple copy protection from the .m4p files puchased from the itunes shop. I think the .Net runtime (above) is required for this one also. To use, 1) choose “de-authorize” 2) login in with your itunes store login 3) drag and drop the .m4p files into the application’s window.

JHymn (

Takes the JustTune idea to a higher level altogether with loads of features including Itunes integration

blue jeans for Generation Apple?

Posted by Ed Sun, 11 Nov 2007 10:00:00 GMT

A stimulating article by the extraordinary Reg Braithwaite reminds us how Levi Strauss cashed in on the San Francisco gold rush by selling jeans to miners rather than by looking for gold.

The article then challenges us to find analogies for the blue jean in today’s scramble to re-invent the distribution of the music and entertainment industry, a scramble in which Apple continues to get the better of the industry dinosaurs.

Any bright blue jean ideas, let me know.

up yours Keith (and CBS)

Posted by Ed Thu, 13 Sep 2007 22:48:00 GMT

Having come across an amusing comedy intro from a Solid Steel radio session by Steinski (you can listen to it here), I remembered having heard him speaking on another edition of the long-running DJ slot organised by Coldcut.

Hear him talking about copyright and his work in this clip from a mix by Strictly Kev.

In case you don’t know. Steve Stein is the original mash-up artist and still the best. You can read about him here and if you want to download his Nothing to Fear mix, click here.

this one goes out to radio's disappeared

Posted by Ed Wed, 25 Apr 2007 06:43:00 GMT

Did you ever wake up one morning to discover that your favourite radio show had gone missing? Did you go straight to the authorities to seek information about your missing friend? Were you met with blank looks and told there was no record of their ever having existing? Did you think you’d ever wake up from that nightmare?

Well I don’t think I’ve been dreaming since 1991 when Radio 3’s Mixing It first started broadcasting interesting, mainly new, sometimes difficult music intelligently presented by muso odd-couple Mark Russell and Robert Sandall. Since then it has been a important source of new music and generally a beacon of creativity and esoterica.

A few weeks ago I was shocked to learn from Mark Pilkington’s Strange Attractor that the show had been axed. So I went to the Radio 3 website to learn more. And I found … nothing. The show’s web pages had been “disappeared”, there was absolutely no reference anywhere to the show, let alone an explanation of the rationale for taking it off air.

Luckily Strange Attractor had heard that Resonance104.4fm the “radio art station” of the London Musician’s Collective had given the show a new home. It is going out now on 104.FM at 11pm on Wednesdays under the name “Where’s the Skill in That?”, a catchphrase of the presenters, and is available over the internet also.

You can read a statement by Mark Russell here published before they found their new home at Resonance. Here’s a flavour:

Last November Roger Wright (Controller Of Radio 3) took Robert & I into the DG’s office at Broadcasting House in London for a short meeting (5 minutes max). His exact words were, and i remember them vividly because they puzzled me briefly, ‘I’m giving Mixing It a break and I have no plans to bring it back’. He offered no explanation other than to say it didn’t fit into his new schedule. He said he wanted Mixing It to fade away quietly – no publicity or big fanfares – he wanted his new schedule to get all that.

Nice way to treat people?